Session Presenter  Title  Status                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
SS 2 Wenqing Tang A receptor-oriented framework for CO2 footprints estimation Pending
SS 2 Alberto M. Mestas-Nuñez Arctic air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Beaufort Sea using shipboard measurements and QuikSCAT scatterometer Pending
GE 1 Cheng-Chien Liu Accurate landslide inventory generating from Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery using the expert system: I. system development and description Paid
GE 1 I-Fan Cheng Investigating the spatial and temporal variation of water qualities in Tseng-Wen Reservoir using Formosat-2 high spatiotemporal remote sensing imagery Paid
GE 1 Ping-Yu Tzeng Estimating the carbon dioxide emitted from rice straw open field burning in Southern Taiwan using Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery Paid
GE 1 Po-Li Chen Automatic generation of digital surface model from Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery Pending
GE 1 Sheng-Shyang Lin Accurate landslide inventory generating from Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery using the expert system: II. the case of Tseng-Wen Reservoir catchment area (Taiwan) Paid
GE 1 Yen-Ying Chen The long-term variation of Taijiang National Park revealed by Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery Paid
GE 1 Cheng-Chien Liu Demise of the largest epishelf lake in Arctic: evidence revealed by Formosat-2 high-spatiotemporal imagery Pending
GE 1 Yao-Sheng Chiu Classification of Gaoping River Plume Using Formosat-2 High-spatiotemporal Imagery Paid
GE 1 Mon-Lin Chou Integration of multi-stage remote sensing data and geospatial information with the cloud computing service for rapid response to natural disasters in Taiwan Paid
GE2 Hong-Joo Yoon (Invited) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Harmful Algal Bloom in the South Sea of Korea by Using Satellite Remote Sensing Pending
GE2 Kwang Ho Kim Applications of COMS data on the climate monitoring Pending
GE2 Sang-Ill Kim The estimate of cloud attenuation factor for real-time incoming solar radiation by using geostationary satellite data Pending
GE2 Kyung-Ae Park COMS Sea Surface Temperature Algorithm Pending
GE4 Yi-Gao Guo The effect of Asia dust on the chlorophyll concentration on Northwest Pacific in Spring by using SeaWiFS data Paid
GE4 Marina A. Evdoshenko Signatures of anemobaric waves by MODIS 250-m data Paid
GE4 Frank J. Kelly Understanding trends in satellite-derived oceanic evaporation Pending
GE4 Sojiro Nakajima Estimation of turbulent heat flux at the sea surface in high-latitudes Pending
GE4 Young-Seup Kim Development of a snowfall retrieval algorithm in Korea peninsular combining measurements from Cloudsat, Aqua and NOAA satellite Pending
GE4 Kristina B. Katsaros An air-sea flux dataset based on satellite observations Paid
GE4 Na-Ri Kim Detection of Asian dust using MODIS thermal IR bands Pending
GE5 Jie Guo Wave Steepness retrieved from scattermeter Data Pending
GE5 Suguru Kameda Intercomparison among gridded data sets of global surface wind field and their validation Pending
GE5 Jun Yu Evaluation of Reanalysis and Satellite-Based Sea Surface Winds Using In Situ Measurements from Chinese Antarctic Expeditions Paid
GE5 Ming-Xia HE Retrieval of sea surface wind vector by fully polarimetric microwave radiometer Pending
GE 8 Elena Khazanova Dynamic oceanic phenomena in waters surrounding Taiwan: manifestations on ALOS PALSAR mosaics  Pending
GE 9 Kyung-Ae Park Physical-Biological Interactions Related to Sea Ice in the Northern East/Japan Sea Pending
RI 1 Sha Li Application of Google Earth on the Visualization of Satellite Remote Sensing Products of the South China Sea Pending
RI 2 Igor E. Stepochkin Development of semianalytical regional recovery algorithm for marine primary biooptical features from passive remote sensing data Pending
RI 3 Hsin-Lun Chiang POC flux in the southern East China Sea before and after- the passage of typhoon Jangmi  Paid
RI 3 S.Ramalingeswara Rao Simulation of extreme heavy rainfall in the month of northeast monsoon season over Coastal Andhra Pradesh- a case study Pending
RI 3 Yu-Hsin Cheng Analysis of the impact of geophysical parameters on typhoon Paid
RI 3 Qing Xu SAR Monitoring of Hurricane Eyes Pending
RI 5 Fumihiro Takahashi Research and Development of information shared VMS using cloud computing and new device Paid
RI 5 Kuo-Wei Lan Climatic and marine environmental variations associated with fishing conditions of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) of the equatorial Atlantic Ocean Paid
RI 5 Wen-Bin Huang Comparisons of body sizes and reproductive conditions of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) between northward and southward migratory periods in the northwestern Pacific Paid
RI 5 Yi-Chou Yang The exceptional cold water intrusion in related to fishery impacts during the ENSO events in the Taiwan Strait  
RI 5 Chen-Te Tseng Potential fishing zones of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) derived by satellite oceanographic parameters in the northwestern Pacific Ocean Pending
RI 6 Yuliya Troitskaya Validation of the retracked Jason l,2 -altimeter water levels over Gorky Reservoir of the Volga River Pending
RI 6 N.Dulova Eddies, upwelling effect and features of the distribution transformed Amur waters along the northern coast of Sakhalin Island Pending
RI 7 JinHyung Lee Fishery damage investigation caused by construction of Gwangyang LNG Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant and thermal discharge Pending
RI 8 Sergey A. Lebedev Seasonal and inertannual variation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current position and intensity based on remote sensing data Pending
RI 8 Alexandr A. Nikitin Surface thermal fronts in the Japan/East Sea Pending
RI 8 Xuezhi Zeng Formation and structure of upwelling fronts off eastern Hainan Pending
RI 8 Huan-Jie Shao Tide-induced submesoscale eddy trains off the southeastern Taiwan coast Paid
RI 8 Igor Belkin Spreading of the Pearl River water into Taiwan Strait Paid
RI 8 Igor Belkin Automated detection and climatology of the Japan Sea SST fronts from Pathfinder AVHRR satellite imagery Paid
RI 8 Igor Belkin Fronts of the southern South China Sea from satellite and in situ data Paid
RI 8 Igor Belkin Blue ring off Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November 2006 Paid
RI 8 Chen-Te Tseng Global Oceanic Fronts and their Net Primary Production Derived from Satellite Images  Paid
RI 8 Yang-Chi Lan Does the cold water event around Penghu make changes of the copepod compositions before and after February 2008? Pending
RI 9 Fuwen Qiu Interannual variability and spatial pattern of the SST in the South China Sea during 2000-2008 Pending
RI 9 Chung-Ru Ho Distribution of internal waves in the northern South China Sea from ocean color imagery Paid
RI 9 Yi Sui Winter phytoplankton bloom induced by subsurface upwelling and mixed layer entrainment southwest of Luzon Strait Pending
RI 9 Shin-Jie Ho The spatio-temporal variation of aerosol in South China Sea by using satellite data Paid
RI 9 Tao Xian Monsoon and eddy forcing chlorophyll-a variation in the northeast South China Sea Paid
RI 9 Shih-Jen Huang Bathymetric Mapping in Dongsha Atoll Using FORMOSAT 2 Data Paid
RI 10 Sergey A. Lebedev Satellite monitoring of the Turkmenistan water resources Pending
RI 10 Kwan Tun Lee Application of modified kinematic-wave based geomorphologic IUH model for rain floods prediction in Russia Pending
RI 10 Nan-Jung Kuo Application of the GIS technique to detect sea surface property of a certain region using satellite data Paid
RI 10 Pin-Chun Huang Investigation of flood wave attenuation using dynamic- and kinematic-wave approximations Pending
RI 10 Wei-Kuan Lin Study on the catch composition and spatial-temporal characteristics of the trawl fisheries in Tongkang with geographic information system
RI 11 Yen-Hsiang Chen Acoustic tomography experiment in the Kuroshio southeast of Taiwan Pending