Please put up your poster in accordance with the serial number.
Presenter must stand by your display board during 18:30-20:30 on 20 Oct.

Serial No.r Subject Presenter Title  Status
S01 GE 1 I-Fan Cheng Investigating the spatial and temporal variation of water qualities in Tseng-Wen Reservoir using Formosat-2 high spatiotemporal remote sensing imagery Paid
S02 GE 1 Ping-Yu Tzeng Estimating the carbon dioxide emitted from rice straw open field burning in Southern Taiwan using Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery Paid
S03 GE 1 Sheng-Shyang Lin Accurate landslide inventory generating from Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery using the expert system: II. the case of Tseng-Wen Reservoir catchment area (Taiwan) Paid
S04 GE 1 Yen-Ying Chen The long-term variation of Taijiang National Park revealed by Formosat-2 high-spatial-resolution remote sensing imagery Paid
S05 GE 1 Yao-Sheng Chiu Classification of Gaoping River Plume Using Formosat-2 High-spatiotemporal Imagery Paid
S06 GE2 Kwang Ho Kim Applications of COMS data on the climate monitoring Pending
S07 GE4 Yi-Gao Guo The effect of Asia dust on the chlorophyll concentration on Northwest Pacific in Spring by using SeaWiFS data Paid
S08 GE4 Frank J. Kelly Understanding trends in satellite-derived oceanic evaporation Paid
S09 GE4 Sojiro Nakajima Estimation of turbulent heat flux at the sea surface in high-latitudes Pending
S10 GE4 Na-Ri Kim Detection of Asian dust using MODIS thermal IR bands Pending
S11 GE5 Suguru Kameda Intercomparison among gridded data sets of global surface wind field and their validation Pending
S12 RI 1 Sha Li Application of Google Earth on the Visualization of Satellite Remote Sensing Products of the South China Sea Pending
S13 RI 2 Igor E. Stepochkin Development of semianalytical regional recovery algorithm for marine primary biooptical features from passive remote sensing data Pending
S14 RI 3 Hsin-Lun Chiang POC flux in the southern East China Sea before and after- the passage of typhoon Jangmi  Paid
S15 RI 3 Yu-Hsin Cheng Analysis of the impact of geophysical parameters on typhoon Paid
S16 RI 5 Kuo-Wei Lan Climatic and marine environmental variations associated with fishing conditions of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) of the equatorial Atlantic Ocean Paid
S17 RI 5 Yi-Chou Yang The exceptional cold water intrusion in related to fishery impacts during the ENSO events in the Taiwan Strait Paid
S18 RI 7 JinHyung Lee Fishery damage investigation caused by construction of Gwangyang LNG Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant and thermal discharge Pending
S19 RI 8 Huan-Jie Shao Tide-induced submesoscale eddy trains off the southeastern Taiwan coast Paid
S20 RI 9 Fuwen Qiu Interannual variability and spatial pattern of the SST in the South China Sea during 2000-2008 Pending
S21 RI 9 Yi Sui Winter phytoplankton bloom induced by subsurface upwelling and mixed layer entrainment southwest of Luzon Strait Paid
S22 RI 9 Shin-Jie Ho The spatio-temporal variation of aerosol in South China Sea by using satellite data Paid
S23 RI 9 Tao Xian Monsoon and eddy forcing chlorophyll-a variation in the northeast South China Sea Paid
S24 RI 10 Pin-Chun Huang Investigation of flood wave attenuation using dynamic- and kinematic-wave approximations Paid
S25 RI 10 Wei-Kuan Lin Study on the catch composition and spatial-temporal characteristics of the trawl fisheries in Tongkang with geographic information system Paid