Oil films in the sea: Remote sensing and impact on global changes
¡§Spring prediction barrier¡¨ research in ENSO ensemble hindcasts
Spatio-temporal variability of El Niño southern oscillation from geodetic satellites and model data
The variation of South China Sea throughflow associated with the 1976/77 regime shift and monsoon system
Interim estimate of the variability of surface water circulation in the South China Sea for the winter season
Analysis of ITCZ organization over the Indian Ocean by satellites: A second look at double ITCZ
Air-mass transformation across the SST front in the Kuroshio Extension region retrieved by the surface flux buoys and advanced microwave scanning radiometer for earth observation satellite
Meteorological tsunami in the Caspian Sea by SeaWiFS data
Development of satellite retrieval algorithm of near surface air specific humidity using in-situ observations over the Kuroshio Extension region
Development of an algorithm for estimation of air specific humidity using TMI data
Estimation of sea surface specific humidity using contaminated SSM/I brightness temperature data
Using ocean color data to represent ocean biology-induced climate feedback in the tropical Pacific: A modulation of El Niño-Southern Oscillation 
Introduction to in-orbit radiometric calibration test of Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)
Introduction to In-Orbit Test (IOT) status of Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite (COMS)
GOCI overall status
Introduction of GOCI-II project
Receiving, processing and distributing systems for GOCI Data
Radiometric calibration of COMS
Development of the efficient super-eesolution method for GOCI images
Analysis of Arctic sea ice motion and deformation using AMSR-E data from 2005 to 2007 
The shrinking Arctic multiyear sea ice cover and effects of ice-albedo feedback
Satellite remote sensing: A cornerstone of modern environmental information for climate monitoring 
Physically-based satellite data assimilation and fuzzy verification in numerical simulations of sea-ice
Observation of sea ice movement by TerraSAR-X
Upper ocean thermal structure, rapid intensification, and supercyclones ¡V satellite observations and numerical simulations 
Pacific climate change science program: Improving the understanding of tropical cyclone climatology 
Changes in ocean properties associated with typhoons in the southern East China Sea
Satellite observations of upwelling induced by different typhoons with different intensities in the southern East China Sea
Eddy-feature phytoplankton bloom induced by tropical cyclone in the South
Satellite evidence of cyclone (Liala) forced upwelling in the Bay of Bengal
Variability of tropical cyclones impact on Taiwan Island
Multisource study of tropical cyclones in Taiwan area
A Study of typhoon Longwan from satellite imagery data
Typhoon monitoring using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) over China Seas
Tropical cyclones observed by microwave remote sensing
General characteristic of Indonesian Seas measured from space in ten years
A bistatic HF Radar for wave spectrum measure, current mapping and ship tracking
Australian soastal ocean radar network and the archive of the integrated marine observing system
Preparing for the next generation of direct broadcast
WERA phased array radars: A reliable high-quality remote sensing tool for coastal waters
Coherent marine radar measurements of ccean wave spectra and surface currents
Relationship between acoustic backscattering strength and density of zooplankton in the waters off northern Taiwan
Acoustic normal mode back-propagation approach to passive whale localization in shallow water
Obtaining Geo-acoustic parameters using the acoustic inversion technique with sub-bottom profiler
Acoustic mode coupling effect predicted by new criterion of adiabatic invariance resulting from both internal wave and shelf break
Application of ocean ambient noise on hurricanes impact
Estimate of sediment¡¦s attenuation value with spectral ratio method
Coastal wind fields around Taiwan studied by multi- sensor satellite data, weather radar images and an atmospheric model
Geostrophic currents in the NW Pacific by altimetry data
Pathways of mesoscale variability in the South China Sea
Multiyear variability of the Labrador Current 1993-2004
Global sea state measurement using synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Radar Altimeter (RA) jointly
Flood wave propagation model of the Caspian Sea based on the TOPEX/Poseidon an Jason-1/2 satellite altimetry data
Jason - 1, 2 waveform retracking in coastal zone of Rybinsk Reservoir of the Volga River
Altimetry observations in coastal regions: A case study in the Gulf of Maine
Changes in the climate record due to changes in the ocean observing system
Determination and analysis of high spatial and temporal resolution surface wind fields from METOP/ASCAT retrievals
Ocean vector winds in a multi-satellite era: validation and cross-calibration
Synergism of active and passive microwave instruments for observations of marine surface winds
Correlation analyses of wind field over the southern ocean using global gridded product J-OFURO 
Laboratory modeling of air-sea interaction under severe wind conditions
Winter monsoon surges over the South China Sea studied by multi-sensor satellite and weather radar data and a numerical model
Satellite observations and numerical simulations of low-level easterly winds blowing through the Tsugaru Strait and Mutsu Bay
Satellite derived gap jet characteristics in the lee of the Philippine Archipelago
Estimation and verification of offshore wind speed and energy density using X-band synthetic aperture radar 
Performance simulation of the wave spectrometer SWIM on CFOSAT mission
The concept of the advanced space microwave radar for remote sensing of the ocean at small incidence angles
The Malaspina Dragon: A new pattern of the early spring bloom in the Strait of Georgia 
Satellite information for sustainable fisheries
The oceanographic and space observations nearly Japan archipelago in fisheries applications (Part I)
The oceanographic and space observations nearly Japan archipelago in fisheries applications (Part II)
Research and development of integrated coastal fisheries information system in southern Hokkaido, Japan
Influences of climate change on the distributions of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) in the northwestern Pacific Ocean 
Using remote sensing data to detect habitat suitability for yellowfin tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
Results of remote sensing data using for maintenance of fishery in the Far-Eastern Seas
Environmental preferences of swordfish, Xiphias gladius, in the southern Atlantic Ocean derived from CPUE and fishing effort data of Taiwanese longline fishery
Chlorophyll-a concentration derived satellite impact on Sardinella lemuru in Bali Strait during Indian Ocean Dipole 1997 and 2006
Time series analysis of fishing condition of yellofin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and environmental variables based on Taiwanese regular and deep tuna longlines in the Arabian Sea
Spatial modelling of striped marlin (Kajikia audax) abundance in the Pacific Ocean using satellite remote sensing and longline fishery data
On the discrimination of radar signatures of atmospheric gravity waves and oceanic internal waves on Synthetic Aperture Radar Images of the sea surface
On the generation and propagation of Internal Solitary Waves in the tropical Indian Ocean
Numerical study on the generation of the internal solitary waves in the Luzon Strait
Imprints of oceanic and atmospheric phenomena on satellite SAR images of the sea surface around Taiwan
Analysis of intense internal wave evolution in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk using satellite data from synthetic aperture radar and radiometers
Nonlinear internal wave effects on sound propagation in continental shelves
Cross-validation of MODIS ocean color and aerosol retrievals over the northeastern United States coastal ocean
Developing and assessing the inversion model of water color for retrieving the coastal water quality and the properties of benthic coral reefs
Remote-sensing reflectance of coastal waters: effects of vertical stratifications
Remote sensing of the concentration of suspended sediment with an on-site grating spectroradiometer during typhoon events
A multi-sensor approach to examining suspended sediment dynamics in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System (APES), NC, USA
Scaling multifractal analysis of small scale turbulent structures in MODIS reflectance data
The use of SENS bathymetry and SENS distribution for the management and distribution of bathymetric data in the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) project
Study on the impact of regional rainfall-induced landslide hazard due to global environmental change using RS/GIS
Using RS and GIS techniques to establish input data for a unified rainfall runoff forecasting system
Path radiance estimation using in-situ surface reflectance measurements
Development of subwatershed delineation algorithm for watershed runoff forecasting
Response of marine phytoplankton to oil spill contamination: based on remotely sensed data
Determination of the storm impact on the coastal bathymetry based on radar image sequences
The use of MODIS, NOAA and ENVISAT to monitor marine and coastal environmental in northwestern Tunisia
To detect micromorphology evolution of tideland by using multispectral remote sensing images: A case study in the Yangtze River Delta
Origin of the massive macro-algae bloom in the Yellow Sea off Qingdao in summer 2008
The role of ocean in global climate change
Phytoplankton blooms in the oligotrophic western north Pacific Subtropical Gyre Part I ¡V Occurrences 
Spacebased estimation of ocean surface carbon dioxide fugacity
A combined algorithm for air-sea surface CO2 transfer velocity using satellite altimeter data
Oceanic sources of CO2 in the Southern Hemisphere
The effect of surfactants on the air-sea interface and near-surface turbulence: laboratory experiment
The effect of surfactants on the air-sea interface and near-surface turbulence: numerical model
Numerical assessment for the contribution of biological activities to the air-sea exchange of CO2 in the northern South China Sea
Oil seep, local winds and giant ice rings in Lake Baikal, Russia imaged and studied with SAR and multi-sensor images
Near coastal wind and wave measurements from SAR
Study of coral reef distribution around badung strait in Indonesia using ALOS satellite data
Fine-scale measurements in the upper layer of the ocean during SAR satellite overpasses
The observation of high spatial resolution sea surface wind by mobile doppler wind lidar
Multi-sensor remote sensing of the wadden sea ecosystem on the German North Sea coast
Ship speed through water and currents measured by SAR
Global observations of intense surface plankton blooms and floating vegetation using MERIS MCI
Monitoring and tracking Red-Tide using NASA MODIS-Aqua satellite images in the Persian Gulf
Analysis of inherent bio-optical components of Cochin coastal waters during Premonsoon and monsoon period
Eddies in the Black Sea and their contribution to bioproductivity as seen by satellite remote sensing
Analysis of relationships between biooptical and hydrological seawater parameters in various regions of the ocean
Upwelling and eddy features in the Eastern Sulu Sea from satellite data and field measurements
Is there a wind-driven signal in satellite chlorophyll observations of the western Gulf of Mexico?
Nonlinear internal waves in the northwestern part of South China Sea
Using satellite data to study coastal erosion in Thailand
Validation and analysis of satellite-derived latent-heat flux over the South China Sea
Sea surface height oscillation with a quasi-four-month period along the continental slope and its impact on sea surface temperature in the northern South China Sea
Generation and evolution of Mode-Two internal waves in the ocean
A high resoultion VHF ocean radar for remotely sensing currents in Ports and Harbours
Bathymetry and bottom classification of Dongsha Atoll derived from full resolution MERIS data
JAXA¡¦s ongoing and the future earth observation
Space development activities in Korea
Space program of European Space Agency
Indian Space Agency
Supporting observation of the oceans ¡V The Canadian Space Agency contribution to science and operational activities
National Space Organization
TerraSAR-X and Tandem-X Applications in Coastal Areas
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency, NASA, (unconfirmed)
The long term variations of the Earth¡¦s volume
The variations of satellite trajectory as a geophysical information
Classification of natural hazard by Bayes¡¦ classifier with remote sensing data from satellite
Role of remote sensing data in environmental studies (Case study from Syria) 
Ocean-atmosphere coupling associated with typhoons and typhoon impact on marine ecosystem
Changes in ocean color parameters associated with dust storms
Satellite observations of small-scale eddies and filamentation of the sea currents
The spatio-temporal pattern of swordtip squid, Uroteuthis (Photololigo) edulis, abundance in the south East China Sea during 1997-2008
Similarity and dissimilarity of surface roughness to satellite radar and to visual image
Satellite oceanography of fronts
Study of convergence zone along tidal channels appeared on SAR images
Satellite observed sea surface temperature front associated with chlorophyll patterns in the East China Sea
Advanced sea surface temperature retrieval using the Japanese geostationary satellite, Himawari-6
Long-term observation on wintertime sea surface temperature in the eastern Taiwan Strait
Retrieval of high-resolution sea surface temperature data for Sendai Bay, Japan, using the advanced spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)
Sea surface temperature estimating algorithm from Aqua/MODIS observations for global ocean - Characteristics of errors and quality check processing
Comparison of simultaneous satellite measurements of sea surface temperature by MODIS and AMSR-E on Aqua
High resolution sea surface temperature merged from multi-sensor data
NOAA-AVHRR images of SST, LST, cloud frequency and NDVI over the Hawaiian archipelago : 1990-1999